Principal’s Message

M Hill

Michael Hill
[email protected]

Welcome to Liberty School of Creativity and Innovation - a school of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) for the 21st Century! We maintain a focus on rigorous instruction in the California State Standards, while offering many exciting learning experiences that inspire student creativity and critical thinking and develop the collaborative and communication skills necessary to succeed in college and career. These experiences include, but are not limited to, STEAM electives (e.g., computer coding, engineering, robotics, art, and drama), integrated STEAM projects and labs, and STEAM field trips.

In addition, our Liberty Community (students, staff, and families) is committed  to creating a PAWS-itive learning environment where all members:

  • Practice safety

  • Act responsibly

  • Work together, and

  • Show respect

These behavioral expectations are posted throughout our campus and reinforced each and every day. All community members are held accountable to these expectations and recognized for showing their PAWS!

We value and encourage family involvement. Parent/guardian involvement is key to student success! We know that it is challenging in this day and age with our busy schedules, so we offer many ways that you can show your support and show your child that their education is important for you. Hopefully one of these works for you:

  • Classroom volunteer

  • Field Trip Chaperone

  • PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

  • Pastries with the Principal

  • ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee)

  • School Site Council Representative

  • Extra-curricular Coach/Advisor

I am honored to be your principal, and I look forward partnering with you to help your child be a successful learner - today, tomorrow, and always!

Michael Hill